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The average Archive Box is stored for five or six years
From First box Collection through to Certificated Final Disposal
Lifetime archiving for the full lifecycle of every Archive Box

Our Archive Location

What areas do you cover?
Please see the map on this page, this is an indicator of our main service operation areas, and also shows some of the range of services that we can provide.
Can we visit your archive to check or inspect any of our boxes if the need arises?
Yes you can make an appointment to visit & the requested box numbers will be made ready for you in a separate secure area for your convenience.
Will my boxes always be stored in London, & not end up in other depots around the UK?
We guarantee that your boxes are always stored at our Archive in London, here ready for your access. However some larger companies do have a reputation for holding customers boxes in various city depots.

Contracts, Prices & Accounts

How do we open an account & when do we get a copy of your Terms & Conditions?
To open an account, please click here to provide us with some brief details of your request. We will then provide you with a service Quotation, (alternatively you can book a free site visit).

If our quote is accepted, we send you your contract, including our terms & conditions (which of course, are printed in a readable font). Please note our terms and conditions are fair, tested & approved and are based on the Industry Standard Procedures.

Why are the storage prices different depending on the box sizes?
The bigger the box, the more storage space it will occupy, the smaller the box, the less space it will occupy. All clients have different needs that can be best accommodated in a particular size of box suitable to their needs.
How long is the contract you offer for archive storage?
We provide an annual contract with a choice of 2 charging systems, either with box storage charges made monthly in arrears, or a discounted system for storage charges paid annually in advance
If I pay annually/yearly is there a discount from your standard price for box storage?
Yes we offer a very substantial discount from our basic or standard monthly charges for annual payment
How does your pricing for Archive box storage work, & how do I know there won’t be any extra hidden charges later?
We have a straightforward pricing system with a storage price per size of box required, guaranteed for 12 months. We provide easy to read invoices & do not have any confusing linear or cubic feet & inexplicable other charges or surcharges
How many boxes do I need to store to open an account?
There is no minimum box storage or scanning requirement at Fast Forward Archive, unlike some other companies. We welcome all potential clients, however please note, new archive boxes are sold in bundles of ten.
I’ve heard some Archive companies have all sorts of hidden extra charges, does your contract definitely exclude them ?
Our contract is very clear on pricing, & we issue easy to read invoices. We operate a straightforward system with all prices & the requested services terms agreed in advance & always as per our quotation. Prices & the selected services are then guaranteed for 12 months, & clients can then renew if they choose or move on elsewhere.
Can I pay by debit / credit card?
Yes, you can! There is no charge for payment made by a debit card, however, credit card payments do have a 2.5% additional charge. Payments can also be made by BACS direct from your bank or by a monthly standing order.
Can we speak regularly to someone in the office with queries or does it always have to be by email?
An account manager is always available during our office hours, you can freecall us on 0800 45 49 53 to discuss any queries or requests
What are the costs of Archive Box storage?
We operate a straightforward pricing poIicy, basic box archive storage starts from just under £5 per box per year, dependant on the size of box you prefer. If you don’t need any box retrievals or other services during the year then there are no other charges. You should carefully check any quotations received to ensure there are no hidden charges.

Quotes & Estimates

How do I get a written formal quotation?
Online: click here and supply as with some brief information about your request. We will send you the full details & prices for the services you require, if that meets your approval it will be presented in a contract. We can also make a free no obligation site visit to your office to discuss the issues & then provide a quotation. Please feel free to call us during office hours it’s free on Tel: 0800 45 49 53.
How much notice do I need to give to set up a service contract?
If you need an urgent response we will respond to all new enquiries asap, Monday to Friday within office hours, subject to our ongoing commitments. As soon as you have accepted our quote we will then promptly arrange the delivery of the service requested.
What is included in a quotation?
Our quotation will provide all the prices for the services you requested, and these prices are then guaranteed for 12 months from the date of the contract.
Self storage looks a cheaper option, what's the actual difference in service options?
There is a very big difference in service levels, with self storage there may be hidden charges & you are responsible for all the work needed to run a secure & efficient archive, so your staff will have to leave the office every time access is needed to your self storage unit to carry out all the normal tasks. Archiving with off site storage is really not expensive, & provides much more value for your money than self storage.

Archive Box Services

Is it OK if I only want to store my archive boxes & don’t need any of your other services?
That’s absolutely fine you can just store your archive boxes, if there are no other service requests, there are no other charges or Invoices. The other services we provide are there to reassure you of their availability, should you ever need them in the future.
Do you use barcode labels for every box?
Yes, we do! A unique numbering system for Archive Box Storage identification is essential. We deliver new archive boxes to you together with barcode labels. These boxes are then ready for packing, collection & identified delivery to the archive facility.
Can we use our own archive boxes to store with you or do we have to use yours?
Yes, you can! There are many different sizes & qualities of boxes available, but we can provide you with the storage space and price for any type & size of box you want to use.
How do you make sure our boxes won’t get mixed up with others in your archive & end up in the wrong hands?

Our Unique Box Number Identification ID & specialist archiving software together with trained staff & documented procedures ensure that this cannot happen. We have never lost a box in over 25 years.

What size or type of box is best for archiving?
There are many different sizes of boxes in use nowadays, but do take care cheap inferior quality boxes split & break, & the contents spill out. It depends on the storage needs of each client, we provide 3 main sizes however the most popular size is our MEDIUM Box. We sell Extra Strong Archive Storage Boxes, designed specifically for the rigorous demands of archiving. A good archive box needs to last at least 7 years, & remember when full of paper they can weigh up to 15 kilos / 33 pounds! Our boxes are made with twice as much cardboard, designed for super safe-archiving. See our page
Are we paying too much for our current Archive Storage?
If you think you’re paying too much or that your current records management company is possibly over charging, then we are happy to provide a free no-obligation Quotation for you to Price Check, assess & compare. You can contact us anytime to get an estimate or quotation.
Can you Catalogue the files & folders within an archive box contents, our current supplier can’t do it?
Yes we can, we provide this service for many clients who find it very helpful for certain types of archiving.

Scanning & Imaging

How do you scan documents?
First we prepare your documents, all staples, clips, rubber bands, etc. are removed. We straighten folded pages & organize loose documents. The scanner takes digital snapshots of your paper & converts them into bi-tonal image files, normally at 300 dpi, which can be viewed, printed or archived.

Once captured, your images can also be manipulated in various ways, including conversion to another graphic format (GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, etc.); unique file-naming for archiving; or run through an OCR application for text translation.

Other additional options include checking for clarity, skewing and other anomalies, manual ‘scrubbing’ to filter out stray marks or smudges, erasure of unwanted lines, marks, etc. The images can then be burned to CD / DVD.

Do you provide scanning on demand for any of our boxes during the contract?
Yes we do! At any time during the contract you can request quotes for Imaging & Scanning.

Security, Confidentiality & Compliancy

What assurances are there that your services are Private & Confidential?
We completely respect the mutual confidentiality issues involved in a successful Records Management client relationship. Our staff are vetted & trained in best practice values, & we follow all guidance & directives in regard to our security systems & procedures. We will customise our services to meet any particular needs of any individual client to further enhance confidentiality.
What does Duty of Care in the Data Protection Act mean to my business when I store off-site?
All businesses & organisations must guarantee their security measures for the storage & eventual disposal of confidential data & information. Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees & their clients. If any data is mislaid during storage & disposal processes the company owning the data & the company employed to do so are jointly liable.
Why is it better to store my records off site, what can you add to our current business set up?
You save on expensive office space & furniture, you add extra security against a range of threats, and you still meet the Legal demands for the statutory retention of documents.
Are our boxes insured when they are in your Archive?
The value of the contents of each box is covered by our insurance, but not any intellectual property value which is normally handled by your business cover insurance. Our Archive offices & our staff are of course also fully insured.
Will our records & data really be safe in your storage area?

Security & Confidentiality are the most important aspect of the off-site Archive storage Industry today. We have a 100% success rate with all Box recalls & retrieval requests. We take great care to ensure we are always safe & secure 24/7, as you will see! (click here).

What information is there on the history of any box retrievals or recall requests?
We use approved Specialist Archive Software to control the status & record each box movement. Lifetime Reports can be produced for each individual box for its stay in our Archive, including all Box Retrieval & Recall requests, & copies of the Signatures for Box Releases, Recalls, Handovers, Deliveries and Transfers.
Who can have access to our archive boxes when they are in your storage?
AUTHORISED USERS ONLY ACCESS is the list of the ONLY staff authorised & approved by the account holder to be allowed access, to any Archive Box, File or other archived material or confidential information. Our strict rule is: No Authorisation Permission means – NO ACCESS !

Shredding, Disposal & Destruction

How do you shred documents, I’ve heard that people can put the strips back together again?
We Shred & turn into Pulp all paper documents, so that it can be recycled. You cannot recover data from pulp.
How do you know you are shredding the right box?
We shred the right box with our unique box ID number, when you confirm in writing that you want boxes shredded we check the info in the lifetime status report to identify the box & check the details match your instruction.

Retrievals & Box Collection Services

Do you use tracked delivery & collection vehicles?
Yes, we do! With the traffic in London it is essential we know where our staff & vehicles are at all times, so we can update clients when required etc.
Will your staff bring boxes to pack our documents, or do we have to do it?
Yes if you want us to carry out this service just let us know. Alternatively we will deliver the empty boxes to you in advance so that you can do the packing yourselves. When the boxes are packed & ready we will arrange a convenient collection time.
How do we organize box retrievals or recall of an archive box, & how quickly can it be delivered?

Your authorised staff contact using the a/c reference, to request retrievals from archive, or a collection from your office. We always get a box received signature, & on return to base the status of that box within the system is updated.

uk & EuropeanDuty of Care

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets a legal requirement for companies to provide sufficient guarantees of security measures for the storage & disposal of confidential data & personal information. All Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees & clients. If such data is mislaid during the disposal process both the company wishing to dispose of it & the company employed to do so are jointly liable.

Agreed Prices Terms & Schedules:

Customised to meet your Requirements Our contract will confirm our services & our great low Assured Prices are guaranteed for 12 months. There are no hidden or extra charges! A Legally compliant secure & reliable Archiving service, with client approved terms & conditions.

Records & Document Management Service Standards with a contracted code of conduct & authorised users only access

Members of ARA-AIM-RHA-FSB using best working practice at all times Compliant with the 1988 data protection act Working to UK & European Standards

Thank you for considering Fast Forward Archive - The Archive123 In London Solution.

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