Fast Retrieval Recall & Collections of your Archive Boxes

Secure Box Movements to and from the Archive Facility

Collect – Archive – Deliver

Active Archive – Box Collections, Retrievals & Recalls

Every Archive Box we store is given its own Unique Lifetime Barcode Number label & is stored here in London. We can quickly locate your boxes from within our Archive Facility & return them to you promptly whenever a Recall or Retrieval is required. We understand that important information is stored in your Boxes, so whenever you need to access this information during their Lifetime stay in our Archive Storage, we can return the boxes to your Office or any other authorised location. 

Same Day or Next Day – Box Retrieval & Recall – Delivery & Collection to & from your Office

• 4 Hour Service • 24 Hour Service • 48 Hour Service

FAST FORWARD are always ready to respond to a client’s urgent request to get an Archive Box back to them ASAP!

How do we get a Box Returned to our Office from your Archive?

An ‘Authorised User’ contacts us with the secure account code

Retrieval orders are processed & Boxes required are selected from the Archive.

A Secure Tracked vehicle & a vetted driver deliver the Boxes to you on time.

Upon delivery a signature is obtained to record this Box movement / transfer.

On return to the Archive, the status of moved boxes is updated on the system.

You can also order a delivery of new Archive Boxes, or to organise a collection of items for Imaging & Scanning or Shredding & Disposal.

How do we get Boxes Collected from our Office & returned to your Archive?

 An ‘Authorised User’ contacts us with the secure account code

The collection order is processed & an agreed time schedule is made.

A Secure Tracked vehicle & vetted driver collect the Boxes from your Office.

Upon Collection a signature is obtained to record this Box movement / transfer.

On return to the Archive, the status of moved boxes is updated on the system. New Archive boxes received are allocated their unique number ID, and are immediately available for recall, whenever needed.

Fast Forward Archive: 'When I got back to the office I was amazed that the urgent retrieval of boxes that I’d ordered were already in my office waiting for me, I can see why you’re called Fast Forward!'

Our client – Estate Agents


Fast Forward have a 100% success rate for Box Retrievals back to our clients

Reliability & Punctuality: 'Thank you for the urgent recall box delivery today, it was here on my desk well within 2 hours, that’s very impressive.'

Our Client – Company Secretary


Fast Forward have a 100% success rate for Box Retrievals back to our clients

Urgent or Next Day

Active Archive Storage with our Fast Forward Access Retrieval & Box Recall services means that in the event of an urgent request a box can be back in your office within 4 hours!

Delivered in a secure, tracked vehicle so we always know where it is.


Fast Forward have a 100% success rate for Collections & Retrievals to and from our clients.

We use heavy duty Extra Strong Archive Boxes with Lids & handles to keep your files & documents Moved & Stored easily & safely

Poor quality boxes may split & break when moved or stored & confidential contents may fall out!


Taking Care of Your Account & the Movement of Your Archived Information

We are trusted, approved & recommended for our Service Quality, with secure archive box number ID’s & tracked vehicles.

Many established clients have archived with us for years, with regular collections & deliveries they know that we deliver on-time every-time, or else they wouldn’t continue to use Fast Forward Archive.

Every movement of your boxes in or out of the Archive is recorded within your account, so you can get reports of all box activity for the lifetime of every box.

Secure & Confidential Archive Storage Box Movements

Archiving successfully for over 25 years, with a positive track record for confidentiality & security. 

Legally Compliant Archive Storage & Box Retrieval – Supported by Contract

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Please tick this box to confirm that you have read our privacy policy and that you agree with how we will handle your data.

uk & EuropeanDuty of Care

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets a legal requirement for companies to provide sufficient guarantees of security measures for the storage & disposal of confidential data & personal information. All Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees & clients. If such data is mislaid during the disposal process both the company wishing to dispose of it & the company employed to do so are jointly liable.

Agreed Prices Terms & Schedules:

Customised to meet your Requirements Our contract will confirm our services & our great low Assured Prices are guaranteed for 12 months. There are no hidden or extra charges! A Legally compliant secure & reliable Archiving service, with client approved terms & conditions.

Records & Document Management Service Standards with a contracted code of conduct & authorised users only access

Members of ARA-AIM-RHA-FSB using best working practice at all times Compliant with the 1988 data protection act Working to UK & European Standards

Thank you for considering Fast Forward Archive - The Archive123 In London Solution.

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