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Digital Services for the Lifetime of your Archive Box Storage

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware

We supply a cost effective and secure Document Management Storage Solution for the Lifetime of our clients Archive Storage Boxes. Imaging & Scanning can be an important part of the process. We provide a safe, efficient and confidential service, complying with the regulations outlined in the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Always keeping your Paper Safe, and ready with Digital Solutions when needed.

We work in partnerships with clients, many of them have stored with us for a long time so we understand that concerns regarding the extra cost for scanning as opposed to Box storage can sometimes be an issue. That’s why Fast Forward Archive welcome customers who choose to store their Archive Boxes within a system, where they only incur the additional cost of Scanning & Imaging services when it’s important and worthwhile.

We’ll scan your Archive Boxes:

Whenever you are ready to start scanning, get in touch!

Paper Safe and Digital Aware

Paper into Data:

24/7 access to Archived info. Easier to transfer, upload, circulate, print, copy, view, etc.

An environmentally friendly solution & we work with you to meet our mutual Duty of Care.

Cost Effective:

Save money on copy printing; mailing; office space; delays; archive storage / retrieval costs.

Can reduce costs for meeting the relevant statutory documents and data retention periods.

Secure and Efficient:

All your information is captured for better business management systems & options.

Easy to search using various criteria, i.e. Store up to 25,000 pages on 1 DVD.

Who can you trust to access, store, retrieve & transform your Documents?

We’ve been trusted, valued & recommended by our clients for over 25 years.

They know we have reduced costs & improved their organisations efficiency.

They stay with us because we provide an excellent & reliable level of customer service.

What to Scan? & When to do it?

Questions cost conscious clients must consider

The use of Imaging & Scanning can be a cost-effective solution to storing large volumes of valuable information, giving you instant access. However, for many businesses the overall costs of converting all their archived records is just far too much.

Your vital documents, files & folders are fully protected in our Archive 24/7. In our experience, clients select key Boxes that would benefit from being scanned, storing the boxes that contain information less likely to be required for digital access in our cost-effective Archive Box Storage system, for their required retention periods.

Our clients always have access to their vital information. With our Fast Box Retrieval delivery service, our customers know they can also get an archive box back within 4 hours. Whenever an account client needs the contents of an additional box scanned, they contact us and we will provide a quote for scanning on demand at any time during the contract period.

Paper into Data – starting the process

At any time during the average seven-year Box storage retention period you can decide that a Box of files & folders is now needed with full digital access.

Requested Boxes for scanning & imaging are collected from your office, or retrieved from our Archive.

Keeping your Paper Safe, & ready with Digital Solutions when needed, we’re ready to respond to your requests.

Scanning your Documents – the Imaging process at work

Documents are prepared in readiness, all staples, clips, pins are removed. We straighten folded pages & organize any loose documents.

The scanner takes digital snapshots, converted into bi-tonal image files, normally at 300 dpi, which can then be viewed, printed or archived.

Once captured, images can also be manipulated in various ways, i.e. conversion to another graphic format (GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, etc.); unique file-naming for archiving; or run through an OCR application for text translation.

Options include checking for clarity, skewing & other anomalies, manual ‘scrubbing’ to filter out stray marks & smudges, erasure of unwanted lines, marks, etc.

The digital images can then be burned to CD / DVD & uploaded etc.

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When Scanning & Imaging is Completed to your Satisfaction.

Final Disposal & Destruction for the Contents of your Archive Boxes

Certificated Lifecycle Archiving Services – Shredding & Destruction into Recycled Paper

Scan It Back from Your Archive Box Storage

Delivery of archived documents from a Box in our Archive, to your desktop

Sometimes a business needs to respond to developing situations by converting information from a paper document/ hard copy into digital files for a variety of reasons, sometimes with short notice. For example when a file is requested, we can scan & securely email the file back to you in Portable Document Format (PDF).

pdf iconPDF – Portable Document Format – is one of the most widely used formats.

It preserves the fonts, images, graphics, & layout of any source document, regardless of the applications originally used to create it. Basically the images are scanned WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

pdf iconPDF supports interactive functions: hyperlinks, markup, file attachments, and text notes.

pdf iconPDF supports high levels of security, & provides an easy secure method for data transmission by email.

pdf icon PDF can be digitally signed to confirm its authenticity. Levels of User Access can also be customized if required.

Image clean-up Options

Additional erasure & cleanup services are available to enhance the appearance of document image files. However, this is a more time-consuming process that can increase the overall costs. It is usually ignored when the objective is simply text extraction or OCR conversion, unless of course there is degradation of text.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition Services

Sophisticated OCR and HTML conversion software can accurately convert large volumes of paper records into an electronic format with fully searchable fields. The technology interprets scanned images & transitions them into searchable text files.

This enables users to search & retrieve information within a file or page, within a few seconds. The OCR process converts an image file into a text file, & then the text file can be searched or edited in a word processor or other text-based application such as Microsoft Word.


Auto OCR:– Automatic Optical Character Recognition Services

This is a useful lower cost option when aiming to convert documents into plain text, & then carry out your own editing. Documents are processed through our OCR software, and we give the results back to you in the format you require, (txt, doc, & rtf) completely unedited, and in a language of your choice.

The level of accuracy ranges from 90% to 99.6%. For Optimal OCR accuracy we use advanced OCR processes, however, clients should be aware the quality & condition of the original paper document are key factors in the successful recognition of characters to create readable text. The process of conversion into accurate documents can become more difficult, where complex graphics and tables exist in the originals.

Given the challenges, the auto software is never 100% perfect, but we can offer various levels of services, ranging from the basic delivery of the OCR software output (without any human checking or correction) to the delivery of a fully verified & corrected version.

By enhancing the quality of the scanned original page, using advanced colour filter technologies to remove any page background colours, & multi-light image capture technologies to remove shadows caused by page creases that impact on image quality, or recognition accuracy etc, we aim to achieve better rates of accuracy than with standard auto OCR.


Full OCR: Full Optical Character Recognition

This is the best choice if you aim to convert your paper forms or documents into an electronic environment so they can be edited or published digitally on a CD, DVD or uploaded etc.

PDF and OCR conversion:

Our sophisticated OCR and HTML conversion software can accurately convert large volumes of paper records into a selected format with fully searchable fields.

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Please tick this box to confirm that you have read our privacy policy and that you agree with how we will handle your data.

A trusted supplier for 20 years: 'Fast Forward Group have been providing storage services for the **** Group since 1991 and we have always been entirely satisfied with the standard of service provided by both the management, and the staff themselves. The company have proved to be trustworthy, reliable and successful in satisfying frequent last minute requests for urgent work.'

Office Services Manager, London

uk & EuropeanDuty of Care

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets a legal requirement for companies to provide sufficient guarantees of security measures for the storage & disposal of confidential data & personal information. All Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees & clients. If such data is mislaid during the disposal process both the company wishing to dispose of it & the company employed to do so are jointly liable.

Agreed Prices Terms & Schedules:

Customised to meet your Requirements Our contract will confirm our services & our great low Assured Prices are guaranteed for 12 months. There are no hidden or extra charges! A Legally compliant secure & reliable Archiving service, with client approved terms & conditions.

Records & Document Management Service Standards with a contracted code of conduct & authorised users only access

Members of ARA-AIM-RHA-FSB using best working practice at all times Compliant with the 1988 data protection act Working to UK & European Standards

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