Secure Archive Box Storage

With access to a range of Managed Lifecycle Archiving Services
Members of ARA-AIM-RHA-FSB
A Secure Archive Facility
for compliant Archive Box Storage
24/7 on-site Security – CCTV & Alarms
with very secure working procedures & systems

Secure Off-site Archive Box Storage

Based just 5 miles from central London we provide secure off-site Archive Box Storage from our dedicated Archive facility which stores 1,000’s of Archive Boxes.

Our Archive benefits from having a high perimeter fence which is patrolled 24/7 and is supported by CCTV & alarms in all key areas.

There are strict access rules for all Archive visitors, & we use specialist archiving systems with vetted staff and tracked vehicles for all box movements.

Our Customers also benefit from a range of Active Box Managed Archiving & Retrieval Services whenever needed. It is easy to open an account, with no minimum number of boxes required. Please contact us with some brief details.

Our clients also benefit from a range of Active Box Managed Archiving & Retrieval Services whenever needed and it’s easy to open an account with no minimum number of boxes required!

Keeping your Archived Information Safe

Monthly accounts for short term off-site Archive storage with low monthly prices per Box, or annual contract deals with extra Discounts for long term Archiving

We provide a quotation with a Competitive Assured Price for Archive Box Storage guaranteed by contract for 12 months!

Works out to just a few pence a week to securely store one Archive Box
No set up fees required; no minimum number of Boxes; no hidden charges!
Static long term Archive storage – discounted prices for one invoice and one payment per year systems

The FFArchive provides a secure confidential service, working closely with our clients to meet our mutual ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities. We are proud of our successful customer relationships & the positive feedback received since 1998, supplying our legally compliant Active Archive Box Storage services, to a range of organisations, businesses, charities & clients in London.

‘Archive Access for Authorised Account Users Only’ – 24/7 Secure Archiving Services

Secure Lifetime off-site archive storage for the complete Lifecycle of every Archive box

So whether you’re de-cluttering the office or organising your archiving into one secure system to meet your statutory requirements then we can help. Let us keep your documents safe rather than leaving them in your office or using a self-storage unit. FFArchive is the safe and secure option.

Getting ready to start Archiving your Records & Documents in preparation for secure off-site storage?

To achieve best archive practice, the advice is to sequentially pack your Files & Folders into specialist Archive Boxes with Barcode labels, so if you haven’t begun packing yet we have a range of boxes to help you start the process. Our boxes come with barcode labels & are Extra Strong! Their Heavy Duty design with Lids & handholds make them easier to use and move around the Office.

Are too many Documents or Archive Boxes cluttering up your Office?

Request an Estimate or make an Archive Service Enquiry today!

Please tick this box to confirm that you have read our privacy policy and that you agree with how we will handle your data.

Regular Secure Access and Fast Retrieval for the Lifetime of all your Archive Boxes

fast forward archive collections van
Every Box has a Unique Number label ID so they are ready for quick access from the Archive for our Active Box Recall & Collection services to & from the Archive and your Office, (you can even arrange a visit here to check & inspect any of your boxes, in a private and secure area).

For more info on our 100% success rate for fast box Access Recall and Retrieval services, please click here.

How can we help you with your off-site Archive Storage Boxes?

fast forward archive helpful staff
Many of our valued Archive Box Storage customers have stored with us for many years. As a long-established company, we recognise the importance of satisfying the full range of service demands from all our regular account clients, on time every time, year after year!

For more info on our additional Managed Archiving Services for our Archive Box Storage account clients, please click here.

Value for Money: 'The improvements to our budgets & our efficiency are now very noticeable, & exactly as per your original service quotation, well done.'

Office Services Manager, London

uk & EuropeanDuty of Care

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets a legal requirement for companies to provide sufficient guarantees of security measures for the storage & disposal of confidential data & personal information. All Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees & clients. If such data is mislaid during the disposal process both the company wishing to dispose of it & the company employed to do so are jointly liable.

Agreed Prices Terms & Schedules:

Customised to meet your Requirements Our contract will confirm our services & our great low Assured Prices are guaranteed for 12 months. There are no hidden or extra charges! A Legally compliant secure & reliable Archiving service, with client approved terms & conditions.

Records & Document Management Service Standards with a contracted code of conduct & authorised users only access

Members of ARA-AIM-RHA-FSB using best working practice at all times Compliant with the 1988 data protection act Working to UK & European Standards

Thank you for considering Fast Forward Archive - The Archive123 In London Solution.

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